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"Internal audit is an independent management function, which involves a continuous and critical appraisal of the functioning of an entity with a view to suggest improvements thereto and add value to and strengthen the overall governance mechanism of the entity, including the entity's strategic risk  management and internal control system"

We complied with auditing and assurance standards of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The firm uses advanced audit techniques and tools and keeps pace with global practices in the field of audit.

Today Internal Audit is not just an audit of financial working of an organisation. It has evolved to become a tool in the hands of management to ensure proper working of any function of an organisation be it production or sales or finance or human resources.

Over the time the role of Internal Auditor has widened from just ensuring the correctness of financial system of any organisation to include consultative processes like advising on better utilisation of organisations resources, better management of financial as well as non-financial functions etc.

Our Internal Audit department will ensure that Internal Audit is conducted with the highest standards and auditing procedures to ensure total compliance of client’s requirements.


In simple terms statutory audit in India is equated with audit under the Companies Act. Every company incorporated under the Companies Act is required to get its financial statement audited by a Chartered Accountant in practice to ensure true and fair view of the financial statement. Further, the auditor has to ensure compliance with various provisions of the Companies Act. Statutory Audit ensures reliability of annual accounts of the company for various users of accounts of the Company like government, shareholders, debtors, creditors, bankers etc.

The complexity of statutory audit function has been increased drastically during recent times due to new technological environment and keeps on developing standards by various statutory bodies. With considering world as global village, fast changing business and statutory environment combined with need for synchronization with various global accounting standards and ever increasing reliance on audited accounts by a variety of interested parties has put ever increasing responsibilities on the shoulders of any statutory auditor.

Our statutory audit team consist of ever improving set of skilled individuals trained extensively for conducting auditing function. Our auditing team is trained and updated on the ever changing compliance requirements to stay ahead of the curve.

Our statutory audit department is well equipped to conduct audit under any applicable statute along with complying with various global standards to ensure user ability of audited accounts for most of the interested parties like financial institutions, shareholders, directors, investors, government, bank and general public at large.


Tax Audit is a compulsory audit under the Income Tax Act in India for certain class of assesses. Tax Audit has
to be conducted by a Chartered Accountant appointed by members of the enterprise. Tax Audit Report is given / uploaded
by the Chartered Accountant to the enterprise / government webportal in prescribed form under the Income Tax Act.

Our Audit department provides tax audit services to our clients upholding the highest standards of auditing
and provides a comprehensive tax audit report based on the requirements of the Income Tax Act.

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