Financing Advisory Services


Generally, while purchasing machineries , factory, land and building or allied machineries such loan is to be obtained from bank. Such loan can be obtained in ₨ or in foreign currency. If any term loan is running with other banks which are costing high / interest rate is high, you can switch to lower interest charging banks. The latest trends of banks are regularly observed by our Firm and we will be able to help to get best deal to your enterprise. Generally the term loan is provided at 75% of machineries subject to collateral securities offered by your enterprise.


Your business cycle’s day to day requirement can be fulfilled with the working capital loans popularly known as Cash Credit (CC) or Overdraft facility (OD). Generally it is to be provided to your company depending on sales and stock available with your company. Generally it is calculated as 20% of sales, 75% of stock & debtors (or say working capital) whichever is lower subject to collateral securities offered by your enterprise.


If you have not any specific / more particular use of loan, you can go for mortgage of loans where your house property, factory building, office or flat is kept as mortgage by bank and bankers will provide up to 60% of market value of property subject to your income / repayment capacity and other loans.


If you are intend to buy lavish residential house property, it is always best to go for this option. As in india it is the loan which is at most competitive rate. Bankers generally prefer to fund based on document value of house and market value of house, subject to your income / repayment capacity and other loans.


For any business to be successful, it should have adequate supply of finances. This is especially true in case of growing countries like India. Businesses that are well-nourished economically operate efficiently and they are the ones that take advantage of the market during opportune moments. Those firms that are economically malnourished are the ones that are unfit for carrying out their business processes efficiently even in the presence of favorable market conditions. So it is important for any business to have a proper flow of finances at regular intervals. Any entrepreneur should make an in-depth analysis before opting for additional finance.

  • Funding

Funding Services is a financial intermediary established to provide clients with access to a variety of alternative funding sources. Funding Services has established relationships with some of the finest funding sources in India providing national coverage. At the Funding Information Service we are committed to being the prime provider of funding information in India.

  • Private Equity

To support the needs of the world’s leading private investors, complex portfolios and global fund structures; J N J & Associates provides innovative outsourced private equity which leverage our extensive expertise, powerful technology and proven processes. We have considerable experience and a reputation for superior quality of service distinguished by the breadth of our capabilities — waterfall and carry administration, financial calculations oversight, and property data aggregation — to help clients enhance returns, mitigate risk and increase efficiency.

  • Venture equity

Venture-backed and growth-oriented companies are the next generation of market leaders and face unique business challenges. We can provide end-to-end solutions to help these organizations optimize performance manage and strategize on key early-stage company issues and prepare for liquidity events.

There are other products also like IPOs, Factoring, Bill Discounting, Commercial papers, Forfeiting such can be suitable for your enterprise but the same can be suggested by us only after personal discussion and verification of your financial statements.